Friday, 16 October 2015

Schrodinger's Percy

Percy - before his great escape.
Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

After Percy ran away a while back,  he came home safely that same night.

But then he ran away again.

You see, he and I both charged at Mum while she was trying to sneak out the door to check something for the fencing contractor (the one who is helping to make our yard cat-proof.) We took her by surprise and got away.

Of course I came back for dinner.  Percy didn't.

In fact Percy hasn't come home and it's been over a week.

It's not that he's completely lost.  We know where he is.

Mr D delivered leaflets asking for information about Percy to every house for a kilometre radius.  So we've had information.

We know that Percy is spending his days in a stormwater drain, in front of number 14.

We know that Percy ate the goldfish out of next door's pond.  (Mum was very embarrassed when the man from next door told her about that,  apparently not eating the neighbours is now one of  those rules she expects us to obey.)

Mum and Mr D and Miss C have all seen Percy, and chased him, but he was far too fast and no human could possibly catch him. (I really didn't think the furball had it in him.  He's got more cat skills than I gave him credit for.)

But when I say Percy left, he didn't completely leave.

Mum's put out food to keep him from leaving the area.  So he eats out in front of our house each night.

She put food in a cat trap, and Percy showed he could take the food without springing the trap.

One night, Percy didn't find the food in exactly the same place and yowled like a banshee.  It was really something, but of course, when Mum went out to see what was wrong, he ran away.

So, we still feed Percy, but he's not really living here, even though he should do.

Mum and Mr D were talking about him today, and Mr D said he was like Schrodinger's cat.

In Schrodinger's experiment you had a cat in a box that could be either dead or alive, but you didn't know unless you opened the box, so until you opened the box, Shcrodinger said the cat was both dead and alive.

Mr D said we both have and don't have a Percy.

We have him because he's registered to Mum, and we feed him, and he comes back to eat.  We don't have him because he's not here, no-one can come near him, and mostly the only time anyone knows he is around is when they hear the bell from his collar during the night.

It's been a week and a half.

Mum and Fanta are both getting a bit tired and ragged.  You see they both jump out of bed at night whenever they hear Percy's bell.

I keep telling everyone that I'm all the cat anyone could need, but the humans still keep trying to find ways to get Percy to come home.

Now Mum's opening up the garage door (that leads to the studio, not  a garage at all, because that's what our house is like) and moving Percy's food further and further inside each night.  She hopes he's going to decide that inside a house is nicer than in a stormwater drain and just stay home after dinner.

Of course, that hasn't worked so far.  But Percy is still eating his food, and the humans still get to see his fluffy fat rump as he runs away across the road whenever they try to get him.

The other day when I escaped (again), and didn't come back until about 2am, Mum said she could hear Sesame Street's The Count in her head saying: "Two cats take away one cat is one cat.  One cat take away one cat is no cats. Ah ha ha ha!"

Mum says she has two goals in life now: to get Percy home, and get the cat proof fencing finished.  I don't really think she needs to do either. A much better goal would be to give Bumpy everything he wants whenever he wants it and just adore him constantly and forget about the furball.

Until we meet next time in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,

Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord.


  1. MOL ! Mum feels your mom's pain... We cross our paws for Percy's come-back very soon ! Purrs

  2. Oh no! We hope Percy comes home. Living in a storm drain can't possibly be good.

  3. Thank you for linking to this article on your Christmas post. I can't believe that I've missed your blog - you guys are too funny!!! (Although the human can feel the pain!)


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