Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Name Game


If Bumpy were driving on a rough road, it would be a Bumpy ride.
If Bumpy went to a pub for a beer, he'd be in a Bumper bar.
If Bumpy were a fairy tale character, he'd be Bumplestiltskin.
If Bumpy were an apiarist, he would keep Bumplebees.
If Bumpy ran headfirst into the wall, his head would be Bumpy. (Actually, change "if" to "when" and "would be" to "was".)


If Fanta played fetch with a stick it would be Fantastick.
If Fanta went to the beach, that would be a Fantasea.
If Fanta had a pet bird, it would be a Fantail.
If Fanta were obsessive, she would be Fantanatical.
If blog readers wrote letters to Fanta, she would have Fantamail.


It took a long time to get Percy home, but Mum had to Percyvere.
If you know beforehand when Percy will come into the room you have extra-sensory Percyption.
If Percy were teased for the way he looked, he would be Percycuted.
If Percy ate fruit, he might like Percymmon.
If Percy knew a lot about a subject, he would have exPercyce.
Percy doesn't always understand what humans say to him,  he can't always Percyve their meaning.
If Percy were trying to convince you of something, he would use Percyuasion.

Add your own plays on the mrbumpycat.com animals' names in the comments.

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