Monday, 23 November 2015

My Funny Family

Image, Fanta in the base of the cat tree.
I made sure it was in just the
right place.
Hello Everyone,

I know I'm only a young dog and I'm not supposed to know everything yet, but there are some things about my family that I really wonder about.

I'll tell you about my catty brothers first.

When my new brother Percy arrived, he wanted to use the cat things that were already here, but Bumpy said "No."

He said he wouldn't share anything with Percy, not his litter tray, not his dishes, not his cat tree, not his brush, not anything.

Mum and Mr D had to get all new things, because Bumpy got angry every time Percy used any of the cat things.

Because I'm  a very good, helpful, girl, I helped assemble Percy's cat tree, and made sure it was in just the right place beside Bumpy's tree.  They could both look out the same window and get exactly the same view of the street.

I thought that would solve the problem!

Do you know what happened?

Bumpy decided to use Percy's stuff as well as his own!

At least Bumpy didn't get mad at Percy using Percy's stuff.

Still, it seems wrong, if only Bumpy can use Bumpy's things, but they both get to use Percy's things.

Percy says he doesn't mind, as long as he can eat and use a litter tray and just generally live in the house without being attacked all the time.

That makes some sense, I think.  Although Bumpy still launches the occasional sneak attack on, well, everyone.

I mentioned litter trays when I was talking about my catty brothers, didn't I?  That brings me to the thing that makes me wonder about my humans.

My humans have a strange obsession with, well, um, poop. (Am I allowed to say "poop" on the internet?  Please excuse my manners, but I don't know a more polite way to say it.)

They forever seem to be collecting it and saving it in bags or round plastic boxes.

They collect it from the cats' litter trays and put it in big plastic bags, then Mr D takes the bags out of the house to some special secret place I've never seen.

When I go out to the back yard to, you know,  Mum uses a big scoop thing to collect up the poop and puts it in a big round plastic container she keeps in the back yard.  After a while Mr D takes that away to empty it in that special secret place as well.

Even Joey's poops get saved.  The big humans collect that in a thing they wrap around her bottom.  Then they put that thing in a bag or a round plastic container - and then the bag or the stuff from the container goes out to that special secret place.

Somewhere outside our house, and it's not far because Mr D comes back very quickly after he takes out the cat litter, there's a mountain of poop.  What the humans are collecting it for, I just can't imagine.

Every day, somewhere in our house or yard, some human collects poop to put into a bag or a container to go to the special secret place I've never seen. I've tried to explain to Mum when she's been doing "Poo Patrol"  that it really isn't something you want to collect, but she does anyway.

So those are the things I wonder about my catty brothers and about my humans.

If you know why they act the way they do, could you please explain it to me?

Lots of licks and tail wags,
Miss Fantasia Dog,
(Call me Fanta.)

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Political Paw-er

Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

You might have thought I gave up my political ambitions when I dropped out of the Federal Election a while back.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I've just gone back to controlling things behind the scenes.

Yes, humans reading this, if you share a cat's home, take a good look at the cat.  Do you really think he or she works for you?  No, your local Feline Overlord reports to me, the Supreme Feline Overlord. We're far more organised than you understand.

If you doubt that,  watch as three of my minions take the stage of the G20, before any of the human "World Leaders" get their turn.

That's right, Catbama, Mewtin, and Purrnbull had the stage before any of the humans did.

And don't think we'll stop at the G20.  Keep looking out for cats at the United Nations.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,

Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord.

Best Friends

Hello Everyone,

Well, you know I have two catty brothers, but do you know who my absolute best friend in the whole wide world is?

She's another little girl just like me and lives upstairs.  Her name's Joey.

Sometimes she visits me and we hang out on the couch or do art.  (I'm not very good at art, but she shows me what she's doing, and tells me all about it.)

Fanta and Joey on the couch.

Sometimes I visit her and we play tea parties and dress ups.

Joey puts a ring of flowers on Fanta's head

Joey puts a headband with a big pink bow on Fanta.

I love having  a very best friend who loves doing the same things as I love.  (Those catty brothers of mine really don't understand little girl games.)

Sometimes we play outside in the back yard.  She rides on the swings, but I seem to be the wrong shape to do that.  We still have lots of fun.

Anyway,  I'm off for my nap now.  I wonder if Joey can come and play after that?  I should ask Mum, so she can ask Joey's Mum.

Bye for now,
Licks and tail wags,
Miss Fantasia Dog
(You can call me Fanta).