Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Best Friends

Hello Everyone,

Well, you know I have two catty brothers, but do you know who my absolute best friend in the whole wide world is?

She's another little girl just like me and lives upstairs.  Her name's Joey.

Sometimes she visits me and we hang out on the couch or do art.  (I'm not very good at art, but she shows me what she's doing, and tells me all about it.)

Fanta and Joey on the couch.

Sometimes I visit her and we play tea parties and dress ups.

Joey puts a ring of flowers on Fanta's head

Joey puts a headband with a big pink bow on Fanta.

I love having  a very best friend who loves doing the same things as I love.  (Those catty brothers of mine really don't understand little girl games.)

Sometimes we play outside in the back yard.  She rides on the swings, but I seem to be the wrong shape to do that.  We still have lots of fun.

Anyway,  I'm off for my nap now.  I wonder if Joey can come and play after that?  I should ask Mum, so she can ask Joey's Mum.

Bye for now,
Licks and tail wags,
Miss Fantasia Dog
(You can call me Fanta).

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