Sunday, 20 December 2015

Best Day Ever

Fanta met Santa.
Photo by Tina at Pawsnap.

Hello Everyone,

I had the absolute best day ever yesterday.

Mum and Mr D were getting ready to leave home, and I thought I was being left behind, until Mum got my lead off the hook.

That meant I was going too!  I was sooooo happy.

Then Mum opened the car and Mr D told me to get in.  A car ride! That's the absolute best thing ever!

We went to Best Friends, I started to walk toward the vet's door. (Our vet is really nice and going to see him is the best thing ever!) But Mr D told me no, we weren't going that way.  That meant the beauty parlour!  I was getting my nails trimmed!  That's the absolute best thing ever!

The nice lady took me through and did my nails while Mum and Mr D went looking at the shops.  I heard them saying something about Christmas presents for animals.

Well, my nails were done really quickly, and when Mum went to pay, the lady at the counter asked if I wanted my photo taken with Santa.  She took us to the middle of the shop where another lady put pretty clothes on me.  (And you know that I think dress-ups are the best thing ever!)

The lady said I was being very good for dress-ups and Mum explained that my best friend is a toddler, and that I also like tea parties. I got to wear a tutu, an elf hat and a big red ruff.  I looked so good the people who worked there were taking photos of me, as well as Mum and Mr D.

The Santa photos were to raise money for rescue dogs.  Mr D told the nice ladies working there that I was a rescue dog, too.  They all made a big fuss of me.  Being the centre of attention is the best thing ever!

Then I got to sit up on Santa's couch.  Being invited up on the couch is the best thing ever!

And Santa gave me cuddles and let me lick him.  Santa's the best thing ever!

And we got our photos taken together.  You know I love getting my photo taken.  It's the best thing ever!

When we got home,  Mum and Mr D put a new collar on me.  It was pink, with lots of sparkles. (I think the sparkles just look like white dots in the photo, but in real life they look like diamonds. Miss C said I looked very "Marilyn Monroe".)  A pretty new collar is the best thing ever!
Then Fanta had a lie down on the couch.

And then, and then, do you know what happened next!

My best friend Joey came to visit!  She really did!  Playing with my best friend is the best thing ever!

And then I was really, really tired, because I had been having the best day ever.

I had a lie down on the couch.

Having a nice relax after enjoying a really, really good day, is the best thing ever.

I hope you're all having really good days too, and that you get to see Santa, he's very nice and shares his couch with good dogs.

Lots of licks and tail wags,
Miss Fantasia Dog,
(Call me Fanta.)


  1. It looks like you had great time, Fanta ! You look very pretty with Santa, and very happy too ! Purrs

  2. That does sound like a fun day, Fantasia!


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