Sunday, 31 January 2016

Percy and the No Good, Very Bad Day

To Whom it May Concern,

Something absolutely must be done about Mr Bumpy Cat's behaviour.

The other day, he cornered me while I was ahem, "on the throne", and would not let me leave.

I was stuck inside a covered litter box, unable to leave without being assaulted.  I have no idea what I would have done if Miss Fantasia hadn't heard my calls for help, barrelled into the bathroom and knocked my antagonist over, thereby distracting him while I made my escape.

I did not escape unscathed, however.  Something unmentionable was in my tail as a result of my ordeal.

The servants, declaring me "smelly", bathed me yet again! Yes, you heard that right, because of Bumpy's actions, I was bathed! Mr Bumpy, however, was not punished in any way.

If this day had not been traumatic enough, I repeatedly requested dinner, to be told, "It's not dinner time."

Now, I ask you, how reasonable is it that there only be one "dinner time" in a day, while there are at least 20 "not dinner times"? In a fair and reasonable world, there should surely be at least an equal number of "dinner times" and "not dinner times".

I therefore demand some action on the matters of servants with access to water and shampoo, and of the disparity between "dinner times" and "not dinner times".  But most importantly, I absolutely insist, that some appropriate action be taken about the behaviour of my nemesis Mr Bumpy Cat.

Yours Sincerely
Sir Percival Yowling-Feline
I was bathed!


  1. OMC, poor Percy ! It's not fair from Bumpy... May be 2 thrones for 2 cats could solve the problem ? Purrs

  2. We do have two. Mr Bumpy doesn't like me to have one of them. He thinks he should have both. He's the same with the two food dishes and two cat towers, and two humans.

  3. Oh. My. Mouses. You mean YOU had to have a bath because of HIS behaviour? He's like my brother Rushton, for sure. MOUSES!



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