Monday, 18 January 2016

Sewing Project

Mum's making some clothes and other things for Joey.

So, of course everyone has to help.

Mr Bumpy Cat sitting on the fabric as it's being cut out.

Mr Bumpy is supervising, as the fabric's cut.  
"Measure twice, cut once," is his sage advice.

Sir Percival finds Mum is making a horrible mess.

Miss Fantasia helps gather up the bits under the table.

It's all cut out, and the scraps cleaned up.

OK Mum, we're ready to help with the sewing.

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  1. We can see how much you all "helped." ;)

  2. You get to help your mum with stuff like that? EVER LUCKY. When I offer to help Peep #1 with her knitting, I get nothing but complaints. MOUSES!


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