Sunday, 10 January 2016

Some Improvements

Image: Percy wrapped in red tinsel.
"The Christmas decorations were taken down
at the correct time." - Percy.
To Whom it may Concern,

Further from my previous correspondence, I have to report that some elements of my situation have improved, although it is still far from perfect.

I have to concede that the servants are attempting to improve the quality of their work.  At my insistence they have increased the frequency of litter changes. There is now fresh litter every day.  Of course, every time I used it would be more appropriate, but this is still far better than changes on alternate days.

Mum has purchased a specialist comb for my hair, and I am actually finding grooming sessions relatively pleasant, except, of course, for working on my mats.  Mum only works on them until I say I have had enough, and then she allows me to leave, so I still have a number of them, but they are gradually becoming controlled.

Today she said my ears were dirty. I was very much afraid I was to be bathed again, but instead, she gently cleaned my ears with damp wiping cloths.  I am beginning to think she might actually be concerned for my comfort.

Mr D still summons me for my wet food with a bell, but I have become used to it, and he does keep my dry food topped up at all times, so I am not actually hungry.

I was also pleased to note that the Christmas decorations were not removed until Epiphany.  As I'm sure you realise, I approve of things being done properly.

Fanta, although still overly enthusiastic about everything, has proven to be a far more charming companion than I at first realised.  We often share the couch or the big bed.  Sometimes we even allow Mum to share with us.  We would invite Bumpy, but he is still particularly nasty.

Bumpy still launches sneak attacks, hiding around corners and leaping out to attack. He also likes to attack from above, and will wait on the floor of the cat tower above the floor with the food. When I go to eat my dry food, claws suddenly grab me from above.

Fanta has been here a year, and Bumpy still launches such attacks on her, so it may be that his insanity has progressed so far that there is no hope for improvement.

Apart from Bumpy's odd behaviour, I still have one major issue with living here.  The servants still have a strange reaction to my claw sharpening behaviour.  For some reason, the servants believe that I ought to scratch the posts on the cat tower or on a scratching box Mum bought for me.  I don't see the need for these things, when there is a perfectly good couch I can scratch.  I have tried to explain this numerous times, but the servants still act as if the world is ending when I sharpen my claws.

I can see I still have a great deal of work ahead of me in training my servants.  But as it appears I will not be released from this place in the near future, I have time to train them really well.

Yours sincerely,
Sir Percival Yowling-Feline

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  1. We're glad you're doing better, Percy. Good luck with your scratching. The mom isn't thrilled when we use the couch either.


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