Thursday, 18 February 2016

Sad Fanta

Image.  Miss Fanta Dog looking sad.
"I'm very sad today." - Fanta.
Hello Everyone,

I'm a very sad doggy today. (Big sigh.)

It's kind of a long story.

You see, the day before yesterday, Mum discovered that someone had weed on my bed. (Not the big bed I sleep on with Mum, but my little one I keep all my toys on.)

We don't know who did it,  but I suspect it might have been one of my catty brothers.

So my bed went to the washing machine with lots and lots of disinfectant, and then it went through two more times.

While that was happening, Mum got the steam cleaner out of the cupboard and and cleaned the carpet where my bed usually sits, again and again.

Then Mr D put my bed through the dryer. It was still damp when it finished, so Mum put it in the dryer again.

image: very lumpy, out-of-shape dog bed
"It was the wrong shape and all lumpy." - Fanta.
So today, I finally got my bed back.

But, it just wasn't right.  It was all lumpy and the wrong shape.

Mum said don't worry, since I don't sleep on it any way.  But I'm still sad.  My toys will be uncomfortable if they sleep on that.

It's not a bed any more.  It's just a big, lumpy, lump.

No-one seems to understand just how terrible this is.  My catty brothers don't seem to care.  Mum thinks that because I sleep on the big bed and on the couches, it shouldn't be a problem.  Not even Mr D seems to understand just how devastating this really is.

I really don't know if I'll ever get over this trauma.

(Sigh.)  I hope I can persuade Mum to get me a new bed.  And I hope she can cat-proof it, like she's trying to do to our yard.

Licks, but no tail wags today.
Miss Fantasia Dog,
You can call me Fanta.


  1. Poor Fanta ! That's no fun indeed. Purrs

  2. Fanta, I've yakked on my bed and the mom had to wash it and it came out all lumpy and not the same. So I can totally relate to what you're going through. ~Wally


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