Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Tale of the Headless Tiger

Getting a tummy scratch, while
lying back on the couch with
my tiger.  Life is good:  Fanta.
Hello Everybody,

I want to tell you about my tiger.

I went to the beauty parlour to have my nails done the other day.

You might not know this, but every time I'm a good girl for the beautician working on my nails, I get a new toy.

Well, Mum and Mr D took me to look at the toys.  Mr D wasn't sure I deserved a new toy, because while I was very good for having my nails done, there had been a little incident with the rubbish bin earlier in the day.  (Honestly, I don't know how it happened.  One minute I was wondering what was in the bin, the next there was rubbish all down the hall and the humans were a tad annoyed.)

I looked at all the toys.  Mum took lots off the hooks to show me, but I really didn't want any she picked up.

Then I saw Tiger!  I very carefully lifted Tiger off the hook all by myself.

Mum and Mr D are sometimes slow to understand what I'm telling them, well they are only human.  But they did understand I wanted Tiger.

Mr D said something about how all my soft toys spontaneously explode.  Mum pointed out that Tiger's body was braided instead of being stuffed, and said maybe it would be stronger.

Mum was right. Tiger's body is strong.

Tiger's head (which was stuffed) spontaneously exploded a day or so after I got it.  (In the picture, Tiger still has a head.)  So I just had a body, four legs and a tail.  That was OK.  I could still carry Tiger around and play with it.

The other day some humans came to visit.  Mum hugged them, so I think she might already have known them.  There was a regular sized human and two half-sized ones.  The half-sized humans wanted to play with me.  I love playing.

Somehow, in one of our games, Tiger lost two legs.  So now Tiger is just a body, two legs and a tail.

That's OK, I can still carry it around and play with it.  It's a great toy, and I love it a lot.

Mum was right.  Tiger's braided body is much tougher than the other soft toys I've had.

Tiger and I are off to play again now.

Licks and Tail Wags,

Miss Fantasia Dog
(Call me Fanta, all my friends do.)

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