Tuesday, 16 August 2016

In the Back Yard

Mr Bumpy: So, Percy, now you've got back yard privileges, do you want to me to show you how to get around the "cat proofing" and escape the yard?

Sir Percival: Oh no Bumps, old fellow.  That would only make the servants worry. We can't have that. Noblesse Oblige and all that.

Miss Fantasia: See Bumpy, you're the only bad animal in this family.

Sir Percival: Fanta dear! Young ladies need to show a little more decorum! (Sigh.) How did I end up with a family like this?


  1. We love seeing you have some backyard fun.

  2. Nice to see you in your beautiful yard, Bumpy ! Miss Fanta, you're not very kind with Bumpy... Purrs


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