Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sorry, No Photos

Mum didn't take photos.

Mum was making breakfast, when Bumpy came in with a live bird.

Mum dropped everything and chased Bumpy, who ran to the studio, closely followed by Fanta.  Mum shut the door to the hallway, to contain the chaos, then chased Bumpy around the studio.  Mum caught Bumpy, who let go of the bird.

The bird flew to the top of the art supplies cupboard, with Fanta following closely.

Fanta tried to jump at the bird, which decided to fly much further - circled the room with Fanta and now Bumpy both giving chase then went through to the laundry, followed by animals.  Mum closed the door between the studio and the laundry so the bird wouldn't go back that way and opened the back door.  The bird saw freedom, and flew straight out and landed in a tree.

Fanta and Bumpy both ran out to the yard. Bumpy to sit under the tree and look menacingly at the bird, Fanta to run around and around for no apparent reason.

Mum went back inside and considered locking the animal door and leaving them all out (but didn't).

In the hallway, she met a half-awake Percy who was coming to find out what had been going on.

Mum told him he'd missed everything, so Percy went out to find his morning patch of sunlight instead.

During all of this, Mum, being a human and not very bright, completely failed to get the camera and take photos for the readers of

Mr Bumpy would like to point out that he did not break the "no corpses in the house" rule.

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