Thursday, 12 January 2017

Percy's Predicament

Sir Percival Yowling-Feline
To Whom It May Concern,

I believe I am being unfairly treated.

Last month, we all went to the vet for our check-ups and vaccinations.

Our vet, Dr Ben, noted that Miss Fantasia had put on a little weight, and I had lost quite a bit.

The servants subsequently put tighter restrictions on feeding - giving Mr Bumpy and myself our meals out of Fanta's reach.

I don't know if Fanta has lost any of her excess, but I was taken back to Dr Ben this week to be weighed again.  I had lost even further weight.

I was put in the box, and transported there, and then Dr Ben took me to a different room.

Now, as humans go, Dr Ben is quite nice, but I hesitate to describe what he did to me next at it's extremely distressing.

He shaved a part of my neck, and put a needle into my jugular vein to take a sample of my blood.

Apparently he didn't like what he saw in that, because Mum and Mr D just went to get things to collect some of my wee, and they have antibiotics to give me, and a special new food.

That really is quite disturbing.  (However I have just tried the new food and it is quite palatable.)

Now they are talking about things like ultrasounds and xrays, and not knowing quite what is wrong. Mum says they will do things as they can afford them. Now, while I do not actually know what any of these things are, I have heard the servants speaking about them in tones that make me believe they are not pleasant things to do.

I notice that the servants have not put the cat transport box back in the shed, this can only mean they plan to take a cat somewhere again, relatively soon.  I am very much afraid that I am the cat in question.

Really, I would much rather not be placed in the cat box, taken in the car, and have unspeakable things done to me before I can come back to my home.

All in all, I believe I need a better class of servant, and possibly a better class of vet as well.

Yours Sincerely,

Sir Percival Yowling-Feline


  1. Ouch. Mom thinks this sounds very worrying, and she thinks your humans and your vet are doing the best they can. (which doesn't of course mean that it meets feline standards).

    We think this sounds like you should be hiding somewhere where nobody can find you. Who was it of you who hid at your neighbors for some weeks? This sounds like a good place to be.

  2. Percy, we're sorry you have to go through all this stuff. Wally was sick recently and had to spend 4 days in the hospital. We hope that doesn't happen to you, and we hope there isn't anything seriously wrong.

  3. We're sorry you had to to through this, but we're glad you got good results (Claire told us). Purrs


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