Friday, 5 May 2017

Where's My Cupcake?

I keep checking my dish, but there's only dog food. - Fanta.
Hello Everybody,

I have some sad news to tell you.

Yesterday was Mum's birthday, and she had cupcakes as a birthday cake.

That's not the sad part.  The sad part is I did not get any cupcakes.

When Mum has baked cupcakes before, I might possibly have stolen some from the cooling racks.  That always seemed to make Mum sad for some reason.

So this time I didn't do that. I was very polite and waited to be given one.

Do you know what Mum did with the cupcakes after they'd cooled.  She mixed up butter and cream and icing sugar and made butter-cream icing.  I've never had butter-cream icing, but it looks and smells like something I would like very much.

Then Mum and Mr D each had a cupcake.  I looked at Mum, and licked my mouth.  She didn't seem to understand.  So I went to Mr D and gave him a very hard look, and licked my mouth.  He didn't seem to understand.

Then they threw their cupcake wrappers in the bin.

I checked my food dish.  They had definitely forgotten to put my cupcake in the dish, there was just dog food there.

So I took the cupcake wrappers out of the bin to chew the crumbs off.  I ate a bit of paper as well, but I did get the taste of cake.

Then Mum caught me raiding the bin.  She seemed unhappy with that as well.

So I showed her my food bowl, which had some dog food in it, but no cupcake.

Mum said no cupcakes for me!

Really, that's what she said.

I keep checking my dish in case she's changed her mind, and I occasionally take a cupcake wrapper from the bin.

Hopefully, Mum will decide to give me my very own cupcake before they're all gone.

I'm going to check my dish, and maybe the bin, again.

See you next time.

Licks and tail wags,

Miss Fantasia Dog
(Call me Fanta.)


  1. Fanta, we hope you get a cupcake.

  2. Poor Fanta, that's not fair ! Purrs

  3. Oh you silly dogs are they too affectionate and obedient to humans.... Thing is if we don't take care of things ourselves, they won't do it for us!


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