Tuesday, 12 December 2017


It was all too much. Squeaky Crocodile and I are
exhausted. - Fanta
Hello Everybody!

I had a very strange day today.

The cats and I made a new friend, who betrayed us almost straight away.

Mr D has a friend who is learning to be a vet nurse.  She comes to visit sometimes and we all like her very much.  She is very nice to animals.

Well today, she came to visit and she brought another friend with her.  She said this new friend wanted to meet us too.

So Percy and I went to greet this new human, hoping for scratches and tummy rubs.  Bumpy was clearly a bit smarter than us, and stayed away a bit.

Well, after a few pats, this new person brought out a stethoscope,  a thermometer and some needles. This was all very suspicious. Then she proceeded to act like a v-e-t.

She listened to us, and poked and prodded, stuck that terrible cold thermometer you-know-where, and then gave us all needles.

Well I think pretending to be a new friend when you're actually a v-e-t is a terrible betrayal of an animal's trust.

Bumpy thought so too.  He was very uncooperative, so much so that he had to be wrapped up in a towel.  The v-e-t called him a kitty burrito.

Well, that was very, very traumatic, but afterwards, Mum gave Percy and Bumpy some Temptations, and gave me a pig's ear. (Actually, Miss C and her partner gave me the pig's ear,  but Mum had been keeping it in the fridge for me until today.)

Percy asked me if I wanted to share my pig's ear, and Bumpy started to walk over to investigate as well, so I picked it up and ran full-speed right to the back fence.  Those cats couldn't catch me!

All in all it was sort of a good day, except for the terrible bit.  I think I need a nap now.

See you next time (unless you're a v-e-t, then you and your thermometer can stay away),
Licks and tail wags,
Miss Fantasia Dog.