Thursday, 17 May 2018

Little Kitten, Big Future

What kind of cat will Princess be?

Image of Prince, seal-point ragdoll kitten, sleeping in cat tower.
Princess, in the high tower.

Miss C: I think Princess looks like Eleanor Roosevelt.

Eleanor Roosevelt.
Source: EleanorRoosevelt_640x400.jpg

Mr D: If we change her name to Mocha, then she could be The Kitten Formerly Known as Princess.

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince
Source: 29906170001_5401090409001_5401068827001-vs.jpg

Mum: Those are some very, very, big shoes, for a tiny kitten to fill.

Princess, trying to fit into big shoes.
Fanta: Maybe she'll just want to be my little sister.

Princess, seal-point ragdoll kitten, with Fanta, Staffordshire bull terrier.
Princess, with Fanta.

Princess: I want to grow up to be just like my hero Mr Bumpy!

Princess, seal point ragdoll kitten, and Mr Bumpy, adult black and white domestic shorthair cat, eating out of bowls.
Princess, eating dinner with her hero, Mr Bumpy.

Bumpy: Go away, and stop annoying me.

Image: Mr Bumpy, adult black and white domestic short hair cat, sitting in a box.
Mr Bumpy, avoiding Princess.
Princess:  Maybe I'll just be beautiful.

Image: Princess seal point rag doll kitten.

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