Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Bumpy's Fan Club

Princess: Bumpy, you're amazing!

Bumpy: I know. Leave me alone.

Princess: Can I cuddle with you?

Bumpy: No.

Princess: One day I'm going to be a big cat just like you. I'm going to go out into the yard and fight the possums and get a scar on my face just like you.

Bumpy: Clear off kid, and leave me alone.

Princess: Bumpy guess what? I've learned how to pounce!

Bumpy: Don't even think about it.  Oh! (Pawswipe.) Get off me!

Princess: Aren't I good at that?  Is that how you pounced the possums? I bet it was. I bet you're the absolute best at pouncing.

Mr Bumpy
Bumpy: How many times do I have to tell you to leave me alone.

Princes: You're funny, always pretending to be grumpy. I love you Bumpy. (Smooches.)

Bumpy: Ew!  Clear off kid.  This is just too much. (Snarls.)

Mum: OK Princess, let's give Mr Bumpy a break for a bit, huh?  (Picks up Princess and takes her away.)

Princess: (Wiggling wildly.) But Mum! I want to go and play with Bumpy.  He's the absolute greatest.

Bumpy: I finally get someone around here who understands my awesomeness, and it's an annoying little kid.


  1. You know you secretly like being worshiped, Bumpy.

  2. It looks like you have your own home-based fan club, Bumpy ! Purrs


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