Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Image - seal point rag doll kitten, Princess
"How could anyone say 'no' to someone as cute as me?"
- Princess

My humans have a favourite word.  It's "no".  They use it all the time.

They say: "No, Princess, don't eat that electric cord."

And they say, "No, don't drink my coffee."

And they say, "No, don't pounce Bumpy, he can't cope."

And they say, "No you can't go outside."

And they say, "No, get off the dining table."

And they say, "No, get out of the workings of the recliner."

And they say, "No, you can't get in the washing machine. No, you can't be in the cupboard. No don't eat that. No, don't climb Budgie Towers."

They say "no", "no", "no", to me all day!

Now I ask you.  Look at me.  How could anyone say "no" to someone as cute as me?

Well, my cruel, heartless, humans do. They say "no" all the time.

Don't you think that's just wrong?

Princess Purrs


  1. We think you misunderstood : "No" is part of your name, MOL ! Purrs

  2. We think that must be the favorite word for all humans.


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