Monday, 11 June 2018

A Very Good Dog

Fanta and Princess together.
"I'm a very patient big sister." - Fanta
Hello Everyone,

Do you know what Mum said to me the other day?

She told me I was a very very good dog and she was very proud of me.

Do you know what she was so proud of?  My being such a good big sister to Princess.

She said I was very patient with Princess, and how I reacted when Princess was naughty to me.  For example, when Princess kept hunting my tail, I didn't snap at her, I just tucked my tail in underneath me.  I did that because I know Princess is only little and is just learning.

When Princess hunted Bumpy's tail, he snarled at her, knocked her over pretended he was going to bite her throat,  but I ran right at them and knocked cats flying everywhere, to save Princess.

The other thing I do that Mum is very proud of, is that I get food out of my dish and take it to Princess.  Mum says Princess doesn't really need dog food, but I am a very kind dog for being willing to share.

So Mum is very proud of me because I'm a good dog, and a good big sister. So even though being a big sister can be hard work sometimes, it's really great that Mum notices how hard I am trying.

Licks and Tail Wags

Miss Fantasia Dog
(Call me Fanta)

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