Friday, 20 July 2018

Princess Cleanpants

Princess kitten cleaning her tail.
Excuse me, I just have to tidy the bit of hair that
was washed. - Princess
Princess: Mum! Mum! Meow! Mum! Help!

Mum: What are you yowling about?

Princess: Mum! There's poop in my hair! Poop! In! My! Hair!

Mum: Ooh a bit smelly.  Let's clean you up.

(Mum runs warm water into the handbasin in the bathroom.)

Mum: OK Where are you hiding?

Princess: I'm not hiding. I'm right here beside your foot.

Mum:  Oh, you didn't run away this time?

Princess: I'm not a baby anymore.  I'm a big kitten.  And there's poop on my back leg! Poop!

(Mum picks up Princess and puts her back legs in the water, gently washing. Then wraps Princess in a towel.)

Mum: OK all done.Sorry about the water.

Princess: That's OK. It's better than poop.

(Princess tidies her hair up then goes to cuddle up with Mum.)

Princess: I know I'm still damp, but I figured you wouldn't mind because you love me enough to clean poop off me.

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  1. Your mom takes such good care of you ! Poop on the paw... better accept some help and some water ! Purrs

  2. I gave the Pushka Taylor a brazilian trim, but her tail is still a poop brush. What a good Primcess letting you clean her up.


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