Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Princess Sneakypaws

Image: seal-point ragdoll kitten stepping into a handbag.
I sneaked into Mum's bag.
No-one saw me.

Do you know I'm the sneakiest kitten in the world?

I hide under the bed and when a human or animal walks past I tap them with my paw and surprise them.

I can flatten myself to get under the couch.  Mum says, "I know cats can flatten themsleves a lot, but how does she manage to get her skull through a gap half the size of her head?"

I sneak into the workings of the couch if a human has the footrest up.  Mr D says, "Don't put the footrest down now, or you'll decapitate the cat."

Yesterday,  I sneaked into Mum's handbag. She takes it everywhere, so I thought maybe it had treats or toys or something good in there.  Sadly, it was just human stuff she had in there.  There was a lot of it.

That gives me an idea.  If I could get rid of all this human stuff, there would be room for a half-grown kitten to fit in this bag.  Then I could sneak wherever Mum goes when she leaves the house.

Image: sealpoint ragdoll kitten with head and all paws in a handbag.
I would have to get rid of all Mum's stuff
to fit in here properly.
I wonder what kind of interesting place she goes?  Maybe the place the cat food comes from.  Imagine, a place full of cat food.  That would be amazing.  I've tried to sneak into the animal food cupboard a couple of times, but Mr D's always caught me.  But if I managed to sneak into the place where all the food comes from I'd make sure he couldn't catch me!

What a great sneak that would be!

Why did Mum just zip up her bag?

I'm off to try to sneak into the laundry - I'm fascinated by washing machines.

Princess Purrs

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