Monday, 27 August 2018

A Poem about Princess


Collar bell jingles, soft paws pat her ball,
the kitten is playing her way down the hall.

She wiggles her bum as she targets a pounce,
knocks things off the shelf to see if they bounce.

She leaps into a lap for a moment or two,
but can’t stay there when there’s so much to do.

The world is all new, there’s so much to explore,
for this little kitten there’s adventures galore!

She scampers and climbs, she runs then she stays,
Life is a game, won’t you please come and play?

Then all of a sudden, she comes to a stop,
She gives a small yawn, and she falls with a flop.

And then with a deep self-satisfied purr
she forms a tight ball of warm snuggly fur.

She twitches a whisker and breathes long and deep

the sweet gentle snore of an innocent sleep.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Life is Good Again

OK, Fanta may be asleep with
her head buried in Mum's dressing-gown
but trust me, she's very glad to cuddle with me. - Princess
Guess what?

My stitches are out! The cone is gone!  I've had a good all-over lick and the humans can scratch under my chin and behind my ears again.

Best of all, I'm free of the bathroom and allowed to be with my Fanta again!

I'm glad all the bad stuff is over.  Life is good again.

Princess Purrs.