Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The Wind in Her Hair

Princess, on the dining table, where no cat should be.

Um, yes, you have caught me on the dining table.

Yes, I know cats are not supposed to be on the dining table.

But it's December and in Queensland December is very very hot!

And I have a very thick fur coat.

You see that big box thing on the wall?  Mum and Mr D call that the air conditioner.

I don't know if air needs conditioning, but when I'm up on that table, I'm close enough that the big box blows cool air through my hair!

Because I like the cool air in my hair I get up on the table, even though I shouldn't.  Please don't tell anyone you caught me here.

Princess purrs.


  1. We would never tell that you were on the table.

  2. It looks like you found the best place to stay cool, Princess `! Don't worry, we won't tell. Purrs


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