Sunday, 10 February 2019

Princess is One

Princess kitten is a year old.

Guess what?  I had a purrthday!  I really did!  Little Miss J asked Mum what to do for my purrthday, and Mum said, "Why not give her extra special birthday hugs?"

So then all the humans gave me extra special purrthday hugs.

Of course, I get hugs on ordinary days too, but these were extra special purrthday hugs.

I love purrthday hugs.  I love all kinds of hugs.

So after my purrthday, I'm one year old!  That means I'm not a kitten anymore, I'm a grown up cat.  (Although Mr D says he read somewhere that rag doll cats keep growing for four years, and our colours keep developing for four years.  So even though I'm grown-up now, I might still get bigger.)

Do you know that Mum wrote a poem about me growing up?  It's in her Poetic Pets book.

I'll put a copy of the poem at the end of this post.

I hope all your days, and especially your purrthdays, make you want to purr.

Princess Purrs

Kitten to Cat

Once you had a little kitten
she was cute and soft and small.
She slept in a kitten basket,
and played with her little ball.

But something happened to her
as months and  months went by.
Your kitten grew much larger,
and her markings more defined.

And now it is so obvious.
You really should know that:
where you used to have a kitten,
now you have a cat.

She plays and sleeps and acts the same.
It’s really no surprise.
Your cat is just a kitten
of a somewhat greater size.


  1. Happy Purrthday Princess ! We're glad you had a great celebration ! Your mom wrote a wonderful poem for you ! Purrs


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