Sunday, 6 December 2020

It's All Fun and Games

I gently take the little cat toys off
the big cat toy.  - Princess
 Oh Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree

Your ornaments are history

They're red when I gently make them fall

They're red when I roll them down the hall

Oh Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree

Your ornaments are history.

Hello Everyone!

It's that time of year. The Christmas tree is back.

Last year I was just a baby and didn't really understand what it was.

This year I'm a big cat and I know.  It's a giant cat toy, that holds lots of little cat toys.  (Oh wait, is that what I thought it was last year? I was a very smart baby wasn't I?)

The idea of this game is to gently take the little toys off the big toy.  (If you knock the big toy over, you've done it wrong.) Then you can play with the little toy as long as you like.  When you forget where you left the little toy, it's time to go and get another one.

Isn't that a great game?  It's not my favourite game, though.

Would you like to know about my favourite game?

My favourite game is to go to a human and start crying as if something is very, very wrong. 

The human will say, "Princess, what's the matter?"

And I will insist they follow me. I lead them to the bathroom and flop over on the bathmat. (It's a thick, soft, bathmat and very nice to flop on.)

Then the human will say, "Oh, did the poor little kitty fall over? Whatever shall we do?"

That's when I roll over on my back and put my paws as far out as possible to show off my fluffy little tummy.

The human will say, "Would a tummy tickle help the poor, little, fallen-over kitty?"

Then, and this is the best bit, then the human will give me tummy tickles!

I'm quite sure that is the best game in the whole entire world, and I've taught both my humans how to play it.

Well, I'm off to play now.

Princess Purrs.

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  1. We love that the humans put up a tree and fill it with fun cat toys! MOL!


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