Tuesday, 6 July 2021

But That's Mine!

 Hello Everybody,

I know lots of mrbupycat.com readers think Mum is nice to us and looks after us, and is generally a "good human".  I thought that too.  

Do you know what? It was a lie! Mum is a mean, terrible, not-good human!

Here's the proof.

Do you see this picture?

You see all the fluff and stuff Mum's been putting in this rubbish bag?  This stuff?  This fluff and fabric and stuff?

This is my stuff! This is my snuggly piggy toy! 

Mum put it all in the rubbish bag and took it out to the big bin!

I said, "Wait, Mum, you obviously don't know what that is!  That's my very special piggy! You can't throw it out! Please Mum; don't throw it out!"

Even Princess said, "Mum, you can't throw Fanta's toy out!"

Do you know what Mum said? She said, "It's too broken to fix. It's all over the floor. I will have to get you a new piggy."

Then she threw the bag out in the big bin.

And do you know what else?  That was hours ago, and she hasn't got me a new piggy yet.  She's a big fat meanie, piggy-stealing liar.  And I thought she loved me!

I'm going to go away and be sad with just my crocodile, my elephant, and my eleventy-billion other toys. 

Sorry, no licks and tail wags today,
I'm just too sad.

Miss Fantasia Dog.
(Call me Fanta.  

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  1. Oh, we hope your Mama hurries and gets you a new piggy toy soon ! We know what a special toy can mean even if you have others ! And we are glad to hear from you ! It's been a while !


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