Friday, 26 November 2021

Caring for Crocodile

 Hello everybody,

I love my toys very very much.

I love my Bear.

And I love my Elephant, and I loved my Piggy (who is sadly no longer with us) and all of my toys.

But my absolute favourite toy is my crocodile!

This is actually about version ten or twenty of Crocodile.  When one wears out, I need a new one.  I am very glad  my humans understand this need.

I look after my Crocodile very well.

We do everything together.

I share my food with her. (Mum lost the photo! Why did Mum lose the photo? I was doing something cute, it should have a photo.)

I even tuck her into bed. (Well it may be Princess' bed, but Princess wasn't using it.)

The only thing I forget to do for her is bring her back inside after I've taken her out to play!

(I wonder if that's why I go through so many of them.)

Licks and tail wags

Miss Fantasia Dog
(Call me Fanta)

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