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Everything you need to know about the Feline Pawty's campaign for the 2013 Australian Election


The Pawty's primary policies are:

  1. Free availability of catnip (the shop shouldn't be "sold out" of nip plants)
  2. Getting catnip-flavoured Temptations treats in Australia
  3. Respite care for elderly dogs who fret when their humans are out (so cats don't have to deal with them)
  4. Homelessness - no-one should have to be feral, when there are enough humans in Australia for every cat to own one. In addition all cats should have access to sufficient Friskies, stinky fish and clean drinking water, clean litter, and treats occasionally.
  5. Making Chasing Jingle Balls an Olympic event
  6. Education and training for all humans to make them better servants to cats.
  7. Bathing of cats is banned.
  8. Naps are essential
Individual candidates will have some of their own policies with regard to local issues.

Media Releases

The Candidates Speak (or purr, meow, woof, tweet, squeak.....)
Links to Candidates' own blog posts about the election campaign
(candidates, please give your links to Mr Bumpy or Mr Woof to add to this list)

Discrimination - Loupi (Lingiari, NT)

Surveying the Competition - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Mr Bumpy's Personal Diary - No Humans Allowed! - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Murder and Mayhem

The Daily Muck

Relaxation - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

The Election Campaign So Far - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Convincing the Electorate - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld) and Mr Woof (Perth, WA).

Care of the Elderly - Mr Woof (Perth, WA)

Changing Prime Minispurrs - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Spy Vs Spy - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Shadow Minispurr for Sneakiness Reporting In - Jesse (Goldstein, Vic)

Responsible Pet Ownership - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Terrorism Alert - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Species War - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Foreign Affairs - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

An Indigenous Treaty - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Boat People - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

I Love Green Tape! - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Budget Reply - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Australian Politics, Budgets and Disaster Movies - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

The Rumour Mill - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Vandalism - Loupi (Lingiari, NT)

Another Reason to Vote Feline - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Can't Lose with a Cool Teeshirt - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Communications and the Internet - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Tiger Stands Up For Cats Who Don't Have a Firm Meow - Tiger (Ryan, Qld)

Education - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Sports and Recreation - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Business and Tourism - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Minispurr for Sneakiness - Jessie (Goldstein, Vic)

Campaign of Feline Pawty - Loupi (Lingiari, NT)

Sneakiness - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Feline Pawty Candidate for Adelaide Campaign Launch - Dugal (Adelaide, SA)

Save the Planet, Vote for Billy - Billy The Pig (Wide Bay, Qld)

It's not a Litter Box! - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

We Need A Strong Paw - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Feline Pawty Candidate for Adelaide - Dugal (Adelaide, SA)

Vote 1 Feline Pawty - Jessie (Goldstein, Vic)

Mr Woof Interviews Mr Bumpy - Mr Bumpy (Lilley, Qld)

Introducing the Candidates

State         Seat                    Candidate

ACT          Fraser                   Bob

NSW        Berowra                Gemma

NSW        Sydney                 Valentino

NT            Lingiari                  Loupi

NSW        Sydney                  Hoummous

Qld           Blair                      Thomas

Qld           Griffith                    Captain Worm-Sparrow

Qld           Lilley                       Mr Bumpy

Qld           Moreton                  Dash

Qld           Oxley                      Honey

Qld           Ryan                       Tiger

Qld           South Brisbane      Widget

Qld           Wide Bay               Billy

SA            Adelaide                 Dugal

Vic           Goldstein                Jessie

WA          Perth                       Mr Woof

Want to be a Candidate?
Find out how here.
If the electorate you live in is already taken, please choose another one (after all, the human politicians do).  The complete list of Australian electorates is here.
Candidates who want to make campaign speeches, but don't have their own blogs to do it on, are welcome to email them to the Doggsbody, for publication in mrbumpycat.com.

All enquiries to the Doggsbody, Mr Woof at contact@mrbumpycat.com
Unless it's important, then contact the Pawty Leader Mr Bumpy at contact@mrbumpycat.com

Thanks to Hoummous, we have a campaign poster on Mr Abbott's fence

And thanks to Jessie, we have one on Ms Gillard's house

Feline Pawty.... because cats could run the country better than politicians.


  1. Laughing so much aww. I'm Valentino from petyay

    1. Valentino, you'll be up here soon, too.


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